Why Plant Grow Lights Are Useful?

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The growth of plants is inseparable from sunlight. The plants will have yellowing leaves and stem if there is insufficient light. Some plants will also have uncontrolled growth of their branches and leaves. Because of the lack of light, the plants will also cause bacteria to breed, which can easily cause pests and diseases. Insufficient light can also cause crop drop. Therefore, if there is inadequate sunlight when growing plants indoors, it is necessary to find a way to supplement the light for the plant's healthy growth.

Grow lights can help you solve the problem of insufficient light. But not all lights are effective for plant growth. There are blue and red lights in visible light that have the most significant impact on plant growth. Blue light can inhibit the elongation of cells (that is, prevent leggy growth), while red light is an inefficient light for photosynthesis. Then let's look at the plant grow lights on the market now.


It is clear from the spectrogram of grow light that the spectral peaks of the grow lights on the market are also concentrated in the blue-light region of more than 400 nm and the red-light region of about 660 nm. Since LED lighting has become mature and commercialized, we have developed light-emitting diodes with more functions. Of course, they are complemented by chips (LED chips) with innovative technology. Therefore, there are very mature technologies that can make different spectral effects. Plant lighting is to create a targeted spectrum according to plants' growth and development characteristics, which has the advantage of better utilization. Consequently, all functional spectral components are retained under the condition of particular energy consumption.

However, the general red and blue lights are suitable for plants but can meet the needs of human aesthetics. The red and blue lights look dazzling and unsightly. The full-spectrum plant growth lights developed by QUX have been optimized for function and aesthetics, making red and blue light less vivid. This design integrates function and appearance.

But why do some people consider that the plants' grow lights don't function as described?

Angel Halo Plant Light

These people might buy fake plant lights. If there is no problem with the light quality, they may need to consider whether the use method is correct. For example, suppose a succulent partner is using the grow light. In that case, the seller will definitely suggest that it is preferable to keep the light 10-20cm away from the succulent plant because the intensity of the light will be fragile at a distance.

Therefore, you may need more plant-fill lights and more energy (more power) for a larger area.