How to Set up Grow Lights?

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If you love growing indoor plants, then you need to grow lights. Over the past years, these lights have become popular amongst people who love growing their own plants. Aside from getting the right grow light, you must ensure you set them up well. That way, all the plants get sufficient sunlight to ensure their proper growth. Here is a basic guideline on how to set up your grow lights.

Get the right components.

The first thing you need to do is ensure you get the right components. The different lights have different requirements on the shelving units and the power source. As such, it helps if you get a unit that will serve you and your lights efficiently. The other thing you need to ensure you have is the right bulb since it gets to determine the power consumption. It will also go a long way to ensure that your plants get enough light for their growth.

Assemble the shelves.

Once you have all the right components, start by assembling the shelves. The manufacturer will provide you with some assembly ideas, so ensure you keep those in mind. Put the shelving units near a power source, so there is no issue when using your lights.

a shelf with pots of plants

Set up the bulbs and light fixtures.

Once your shelves are ready, the next thing you need to ensure is set up is the bulbs. Put the bulbs near a power source and ensure you secure them well with the right hooks. Most manufacturers recommend using S hooks for this purpose.

Set a timer for your lights

One of the things you need to remember is that you cannot have the lights on all day. Most plants will need 14-18 hours when using grow lights. To ensure your plants do not wither, always set the timer before setting them up. Most people tend to forget this step and end up having a bad experience using these grow lights. QUX plant lights feature a timer switch with flexible adjustment.

Angel Halo with Yellow Light

Plug in your lights.

The next step is to ensure you plug in your lights. Since your shelves are near the power source, this should not be too hard. You also need to ensure that the timer is plugged into the socket.

Place your seeds in growing strays.

Now that your lights are set, all that is left is placing the growing trays under the lights. The different lights in the market have different levels of reaching the plants. For this reason, you must ensure that you have enough lights for the job. If you have many plants, then it is recommended that you get more than one light. Do not overcrowd the plants since the ones at the edge will not get enough light.

Monitor your plants.

Now that your grow lights are set up ensure you monitor them and your plants. It will take a couple of days to determine whether the lights you got work for you or if you should set them up differently. Look out for signs of wilting or plants leaning toward the direction of the light. You should also keep your plan watered as well at the right temperatures. That way, you are sure that whatever observations you make are caused by the lights and not something else.

Remember to take your time setting it up.

If you have a couple of plants, then this step is not necessary for you. If, on the other hand, you want to start a big indoor garden, it might be hard for you to do this all at once. It is therefore recommended that you do it in phases. Taking your time will help you get all the steps right and make the necessary adjustments so your grow lights will have no issue.

Grow lights have revolutionized how we do indoor farming. Thanks to them, one can have an indoor garden that grows and flourishes. If you have no idea how to get started on your garden, worry no more. The tips above are simple and will ensure that your plant gets the light they need in no time. Since the steps are simple, you can do the setup independently, and they will work without worry.