Best Light for Aquarium Plants

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What would a fish tank be without a few or more aquarium plants?

We can all agree that having aquarium plants in your fish tank would be an excellent boost to your fish tank's appearance. Besides, they offer your fish a healthy, invigorating environment.

That's not all; aquarium plants hinder the cumulative growth of algae which can be unsafe for your fish and damaging to the aquarium. These plants also absorb the phosphates and nitrates in the aquarium, hence upkeeping the tank's balance.

That said, they do come with a handful of responsibilities to ensure they thrive. They not only require unique fertilizers and a substrate but also aquatic plant lighting.

Today, we briefly review some of the best growth lamps for aquarium plants:

Grow Light with Timer

This magnificent grow light, with a 13.5 cm diameter, is top of this list, perfect for indoor green plants, including aquarium plants. It delivers full-spectrum replicated sunlight to offer your aesthetically pleasing plants natural soft light for the promotion of photosynthesis; hence your plants will thrive and look lush.

5.3inch/13.5m diameter Angel Halo Plant Grow Light with Timer

Something else to love about this grow light is the ease of installation. You don't require any tools to go about it, and you can utilize it in two ways. First, link the lamp to the metallic rod, then fix the rod by placing the soil/pot. Secondly, you can affix the slender metallic base to the metallic rod and position it on the ground.

Further, this lamp features a timer that comes with three modes. This way, you can set daily irradiation time with 8/16/24 hours to choose from. So, for instance, if you set it for 16 hours, once you turn it on, you can expect it to glow for 16 hours then it will automatically switch off.

Lastly, it offers ten brightness modes for maximum efficiency.

Angel 3-Ring LED Light

This QUX LED fish tank grow light features a cross-hole sucker where you can attach the acrylic bar, which is among its best features. It also comes with a 10cm diameter cork base with space for the tank.

Fish Tank Grow Lights

This grow light is built using PC materials, zinc alloy, and aluminum for maximum durability. Its design allows you to place it on the aquarium's opening. The final step to setting up is the timer switch situated at the center of the power cable and acrylic bar.

Moreover, the 30 LEDs in the ring can deliver ample brightness for quite the distance, roughly 25 cm, with a mere 1-2 a and 6 watts input. You'll get a warm white light which at some point replicates sunlight. Your aquatic plants will for sure thrive with this grow light.

Big Angel Halo LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

With this Big Angel Halo grow light, you'll effortlessly manage your aquatic plants thanks to its switched timer. It has 49 LED rings which utilize approximately 5 watts. Also, the 50,000 hours lifespan is quite impressive, while the USB plug comes in handy for power output. Plus, you can adjust the switch timer to offer your plants sufficient lighting.

Big Halo Grow Lights

Besides being energy efficient, this grow light is also durable and long-lasting. It also comes with two light-discharging diode rings, an acrylic bar, a 60mm power cable, and a timing switch. The bigger ring sports a 2260 illumination variance, while the smaller one delivers a mere 1400 brightness.

Additionally, this grow light can duplicate daylight, as promised through its astral energy anticipation feature. Therefore, with this grow light, your fish tank plants won’t have a dull day!

3-Ring Grow Light for Indoor Plants

Lastly, is this next-gen plant growing light, part of the Angel Halo series like the rest of the growth lamps in this review. This mode comes with three rings offering more flexibility and numerous combinations.

Angel Halo Three Rings Plant Light

The 3 3M growth lamp bulbs emit ample light for your house and water plants. This grow light is compatible with multiple growth bulbs. Also, it's a numerous-component growth lamp that blends high-power light bulbs at its foundation. Again, it provides potent lighting to allow your plants to thrive in these watery conditions.

It emits a wide range of colors; so, you can easily create different patterned or textured effects.

Well, there you have it, the best lights for aquarium plants to allow them to thrive and continue creating a healthier environment for your fish!