Best Grow Lights for Weed You Should Buy in 2022

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After months of hard work and indoor weed gardening, you realize your weed is not budding, or some strains are drying up. Next, you are set back to constant watering or cultivating a hydroponic strain that eventually dies off. Well, the disaster you are facing is an attribute of insufficient lighting. Yet, you need not be a genius to have the epiphany on the need for LED weed grow lights. This post will direct you to the four best grow lights for regular and hydroponic plants. Read on!

Angel Halo G2 Single Ring Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The G2 single-ring grow lamp is compactly made from aluminum and zing alloy, while other parts are completed with PC. It's tested for cost-effectiveness, rated at 1.5 dollars per year. Despite being a single ring, it works best for succulents, seedlings, and insectivorous plants.

There are 30 light-emitting diodes in the ring, which consume 3 watts. The running temperature is between -15 °C and 40 °C, while the lighting range goes at φ25cm in a circle. The grow lamp requires an input of 1-2 a, estimated to last 50,000 hours.

Angel Halo Plant Light G2

A USB plug, an LED ring, a cork base for pot anchorage, and an acrylic bar are included in the complete set. It's therefore not so intricate when it comes to installations. Since plants require different light durations, Angel Halo decided to make the G2 single ring with a timer switch positioned in the middle of the 1200mm USB power cable.

You may adjust the timer to 8 or 12 hours of light. Since indoor-grown hemp needs a sunlike glow to grow, the G2 single-ring full spectrum light is designed to mimic the sun. On the other hand, the blooming pink light efficaciously supports your weed's budding phase.

Angel Halo Single Ring Full Spectrum LED Grow Light G2 TR Version

Starting with a cork base for pot anchorage and a 17.4 acrylic bar, the G2 TR version structure is complete with a 1200mm USB power cable, a timer switch, and an aluminium-zinc alloy ring. The bar's height correlates with weed heights, but most importantly is the illumination range of φ25cm in the circle possible through the 3-watt consumption. It takes an input of 1-2a to get the 20 light emitting diodes active in the G2 TR rings and run within -15 °C and 40 °C. Additionally, Angel Halo won the hearts of many indoor weed growers through the G2 TR abilities to produce a yellowish glow identical to the sun's rays. And there is also a loophole for the budding stage through the pinkish glow. Lastly, with the timer switch, you can control how much light your weed gets.

Angel Halo Single Ring Full Spectrum LED Fish Tank Light

While in truth, Angel Halo made the LED fish tank light for water plants. Yet it can't be refuted that their designers had hydroponic weed strains like the Jack Herer or the Amnesia Haze in mind.

The best thing about this light is that it comes with a four-diameter cross-hole sucker where the acrylic bar can be anchored. Besides, a 10 cm diameter cork base where the tank can be placed is also provided.

Halo Fish Tank Lamp

The fish tank light, which is to be placed on the mouth of the tank, is made from Aluminum, zinc alloy, and PC materials. The timer switch in the middle of the 120 cm power cable and 25 cm acrylic bar complete the set-up. And you will only need to give an input of 6 watts and 1-2a to get a lighting range of φ25cm from the 30 LEDs within the ring. The light emission is warm white and cool white which is a slight simulation of the sun. This is enough to get your weed thriving.

Wrapping up

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, QUX Angel Halo lights are how you say goodbye to your indoor weed-growing miseries. Their state-of-the-art grow lights put you closer to witnessing your weed strains grow and develop potent buds.