Best Grow Lights for Potted Plants

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Light is a necessity for the healthy growth of every plant. Without sufficient light, plants will not have enough energy to grow and eventually die. In addition, different types of plants require varying light intensity for steady growth. For example, most indoor potted plants need intense, bright light.

Grow lights should be your best friend if you are growing a houseplant at any stage. Many grow light kits are on the market, so choosing the perfect one for your houseplants may seem difficult. Below is all you need to know when looking for the best grow lights for potted plants.

How Does Low Light Affect Potted Plants?

When indoor plants lack enough light, they lose their ability to produce chlorophyll, the green pigment. Lack of sufficient light, therefore, leads to the yellowing of leaves.

Next, less light weakens the stems and makes them appear leggy. This is because the stems will elongate and become thin, trying to get the source of light. The leaves are also likely to drop, with the older leaves being the first to fall.


Third, lack of enough light can affect flowering house plants. Light is essential during the budding stage. If it is not adequate, the plants may fail to produce buds.

You should also ensure that the light is not in excess when using grow lights. This scorching may cause the leaves to bleach.

Best Grow Lights for Potted Plants

The Angel Halo G2 Single Ring Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

This model is made from a sturdy alloy and zinc blend. The single ring has light-emitting diodes that use three watts. The Halo G2 needs a 1-2A input that lasts approximately fifty-thousand hours.

Angel Halo Plant Light G2

The grow light kit emits full spectrum light and has a timer that automatically turns the light off after eight or twelve hours. It also has a pink light ideal for your potted plants during the budding stage. Even though this model is a single-light kit, you can use it to grow seedlings, succulents, and other houseplants.

The package includes a single LED ring, an acrylic bar for support, a USB plug, and a cork base. The Halo G2 is economical and has a yearly rating of $1.5.

Angel Halo Single Ring Full Spectrum LED Grow Light G2 TR Version

This model is suitable if you want to grow your potted plants fast and easy. It not only has full spectrum lighting but is so effortless to install and use. The single ring is made of an aluminum and zinc alloy that makes it durable.

Angel Halo G2 TR

Angel Halo G2 TR is designed for indoor plants. It emits a light that mimics sunlight and a pink glow to enhance growth, especially during budding. The grow light best operates within -15°C and 40°C.

The grow kit includes a single ring with twenty diodes, an acrylic stand, a power cable, a timer switch, and a cork base.

AT QX Angel Halo Lamp Series

The Angel Halo Lamp Series is one of the top models for seedlings and houseplant seeds. The grow light emits white and pink light – a spectrum blend specifically for seedling growth.

This model has three ring lights; you can combine them for potted plants that need intense light. It also has a timer switch for 8, 12, and 16 hours. The AT Halo Lamp Series is very easy to use and offers versatility for different types of seedlings.

Angel Halo Plant Light AT Version

The grow lights work well at 40°C to -15°C and have an efficacy life of approximately 50,000 hours. The kit has a power cable, fifty LED light pieces, three-ring lights, and a timer switch.

Angel Halo Single Ring Full Spectrum LED Fish Tank Light

The Angel Halo Single Ring is primarily for water and hydroponic plants. The full-spectrum grow light is designed to give water plants the perfect light for their growth.

Halo Fish Tank Lamp

30 LEDs in the ring require 1-2A and 6 watts to emit warm white light for your hydroponic plants. In addition, the grow light kit includes a timer switch, acrylic stand, single ring light, and a power cable.


These are the best grow lights for potted plants and are available at QUX Plant Lights. With the innovative technology QUX uses, you can grow houseplants fast and efficiently without any worries. For any grow light needs, don't hesitate to contact QUX and enjoy your gardening!