Best Grow Lights for Indoor Vegetable Growing

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Just because the sun does not shine during the cold seasons doesn't mean you cannot grow your desired crops. It is possible to grow almost any type of crop with grow lights. Vegetables are one of the crops that flourish best under grow lights.

Grow lights range from LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to fluorescents to HID (High-Intensity Discharge). Each type has different brightness levels, power requirements, and color temperatures.

But how do you choose the best grow light for indoor vegetable growing? We have reviewed the best options in the market to help you make the right choice.

But first!

What is the Best Type of Grow Light for Indoor Plants?

Leafy greens and fruits require more light than the majority of houseplants. As a result, indoor plants grow best under full-spectrum bulbs. The bulbs should be capable of producing a balance of warm and cool light to replicate the natural sun rays.

Blue range (5,000- 7,000K) color temperature bulbs are the most recommended. Fruits and flowers will flourish under grow lights with the red range (3,500- 4,599K). On average, veggies require 12 hours of light a day and 14 hours or more for seedlings.

Best Indoor LED Grow Lights

Angel Halo Three Rings Grow Light

This incredible indoor LED lamp is everything you need to grow veggies. The new Angel Halo plant lamp is a full-spectrum light bulb that features a three-ring design with powerful lighting. Each 3M LED grow light produces enough light to grow different types of vegetables.

Plant Growth Light

Besides, Angel Halo grow light comes with an array of patterned or textured effects in pinkish-white and sunshine yellow colors. Its ability to combine full-spectrum LED light with high-power white LED bulbs at the base provides the ideal multiple-component lighting solution.

The new Angel Halo lamp is quite affordable. You can find the exceptional full spectrum grow light for $3.30- $8.40.

Big Angel Halo Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

If you are looking for a full spectrum LED grow light that features a timer switch, Big Angel is your ideal option. This amazing lamp has two LED 5.1-inch glow light rings, one acyclic bar for support, and a six-hundred-millimeter USB plug power wire. Each has 49 pieces of LED quality and consumes about 5 watts.

Big Halo Grow Lights

As its name suggests, the Big Angel Halo is designed with a big ring capable of reaching a 226-degree illumination range and 140 degrees with a smaller light ring. The timer switch makes it easy to adjust the lighting to replicate daylight. It is long-lasting and can guarantee up to 50,000 hours when properly used.  

The lamp is quite affordable and can be found online. You can find the amazing Big Angel Halo at a price range of $4.90- 11.90.

Angel Halo Athletic Track Single Ring LED Grow light

The AT version from QUX Plant Growth Lamp Series is perhaps the first real grow light capable of mimicking an athletic track. It is designed with two light colors; sunshine yellow and pinkish white. The lighting is ideal for potted plants that do not require high-intensity lighting.

Angel Halo Plant Light AT Version

The package has two acrylic sticks to support the lamp, two 90mm cork bases, a 260mm x 90mm ring lamp, a 600mm USB power cable, and a timer switch. Its switch is designed to operate on a 24h cycle or 8, 12, and 16h settings. The lighting range is 20cm in length and 35cm in width, making it ideal for potted vegetables.

The new Angel Halo Athletic Track Version grow light can be easily found online at $10.30. Click here to find out more.    

Angel Halo Water Plant Growth Lamp

This incredible lamp is ideal for anyone looking to grow aquatic plants. It is available in two light colors; warm white and cool white. The full spectrum LED light comes with a four-diameter cross-sucker to fix the acrylic bar, a cork foundation with 10cm diameter, enough room for the tank, a 120 cm USB power cable, and a switch.

water plant grow light

Installation is quite easy. All you need to do is insert the acrylic rod into the transverse hole of the sucker and the vertical hole of the suction cup at the bottom of the cylinder. The growth lamp has a 20cm light range and can last up to 50,000 hours.

Angel Halo water plant growth lamps are quite affordable. You can get one of these lamps online at a price range of $4.39- 10.39.

Final Thoughts

Grow lights offer the best solution for growing indoor plants. But not all full spectrum grow lights are ideal for growing indoor vegetables. The above options will enable you to grow healthy vegetables indoors and provide an innovative solution to control your lighting with an automatic timer.  

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