Best Grow Lights for Houseplants That Promote Fast Growth

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Plants require three things to grow and thrive: water, soil, and of course, sunlight! Ideally, water and soil are pretty easy to get, but if you plan to grow anything besides houseplants indoors, offering adequate sunlight presents a considerable challenge. Even if your apartment or house has numerous windows, you may not get sufficient sunlight to ensure your indoor garden is happy. Particularly during winter.

Typically, your ordinary room light isn't for houseplants, which is where grow lights come in. grow lights offer 'sunlight' in the form of artificial lighting. 'With the proper lighting, you can produce a wide array of houseplants-the lighting you choose depends on the plant's light requirements and the area needed to cover. Keep scrolling to learn more about the best grow lights for houseplants that promote fast growth!

G2 Angel Halo Full Spectrum (Single Ring) LED Grow Light

This compactly designed grow light lamp is made from zinc and aluminium ally, with its other components boasting PC finishing. It comes with a single ring, and despite this, it is suitable for seedlings, insectivorous plants, and even succulents.

The grow light's ring features 30 light emitting diodes that operate on 3 watts and offer a running temperature of between -15 to 40 °C, with the lighting range extending to φ25cm in a circular sphere.

G2 Angel Halo Light

The grow lamp has several functional components, including an LED ring, USB plug, acrylic bar, and an exclusive cork base offering robust pot anchorage. This makes it an all-inclusive but easy-to-install package.

The Angel Halo lasts about 50,000 hours, and the single ring (G2) with a distinct timer switch is located in the middle of the USB (1200mm) power cable. Better yet, you can adjust the timer to offer between 8- and 12 hours of light time.

Finally, since most indoor houseplants require a sunlike glow to flourish, the Angel G2 single-ring (full-spectrum) light is structured to mimic the sun. Moreover, its unique blooming pink light effectively supports proper houseplant growth.

Angel Halo G2 TR Single Ring LED Grow Light Model

The G2 TR grow light is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to grow some houseplant fast and successfully, not just because of its unique lighting but also because of its ease of use.

Complete with a pot anchorage cork base, a robust USB (1200mm) power cable, an acrylic (17.4) bar, an aluminum-zinc alloy ring, and a timer switch, the G2 TR model is an inclusive grow light option for indoor plant growing.

Angel Halo G2 TR

The unit features 20 distinct light emitting diodes actively functioning within its G2 TR rings and operates effectively in temperatures of between 40 °C to around -15 °C. Moreover, it comes with a timer switch that allows you to control the light your houseplants require.

The Angel Halo is a favorite for most indoor plant growers due to its ability to generate a yellowish sunlike glow that mimics the sun's rays and its pinkish light for fast growth.

AT QX Angel Halo Lamp Series

The Angel Halo QX lamp series is a fantastic grow light version perfectly designed to support houseplants' proper and fast growth. Ideally, it is considered ideal for indoor houseplants seeds and seedlings since it comes with two distinct color spectrums, mainly the sunshine glow and the pinkish glow.

Angel Halo QX Lamp

Essentially, this complete set features three rings of a similar cable length, so you can enjoy intense lighting, especially when all three rings are switched on simultaneously.

This Angel Series grow light lamp features an AT Single Ring version fixed with an easy-to-use timer switch. With this grow light, you can automatically offer growing lights 8 hours of 'sunlight' to your seedlings before it automatically turns off. Moreover, you can program the switch for between 12 to 16 hours.

Lastly, comprising an alloy and zinc design, the AT Angel Halo offers a standard efficacy life of around 50,000 hours. The set features 50pcs of LED lighting and a USB plug that perfectly handles an input current between 1A-2A. The Angel Series module operates best in temperatures ranging from 40°C and below to around -15°C.


Growing houseplants is among the most valuable ways of spending your spare time and enhancing your interior décor. Nonetheless, the biggest challenge to realizing this dream is consistently offering your houseplants sufficient sunlight. Luckily, with the numerous technological advancements in the grow light department, it is now possible to grow your houseplants fast and adequately.

Besides promoting rapid and proper growth, grow lights are secure, easy to use, and perfectly legal. Ensure you adjust your grow light's brightness levels to the appropriate setting and are off to pace.

Happy Gardening!