Best Grow Lights for Herbs

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Herb gardening indoors is a rewarding and enjoyable, but your plants need enough light to thrive. Grow lights can help with that. Your plants will receive the ideal quantity of light from the best LED grow lights for herbs, allowing them to grow and thrive.

Angel Halo G2 Small Grow Lights

The Angel Halo G2 grow light is an excellent choice for small indoor plants in terms of size, budget, and material.

The small grow light is made from aluminum and zinc alloy. It illuminates using a ring of 30 LEDs running on three watts each. Unsurprisingly, it consumes very little energy. Official ratings place its consumption at about $1.50 worth of power per year.

The LED ring has a maximum illuminating range of up to 25cm and can be placed at different heights along the stand. You can easily adjust the distance to suit your plant's light requirements.

Angel Halo Plant Light G2

Installing this grow light is a breeze. It consists of an LED ring, a cork base for stability, and an acrylic bar for support, which makes it easy to set up. Aside from its excellent design, it also equips you with a timer switch, which automatically switches the light on or off after a preset amount of time.

Overall, this is an affordable grow light for leafy indoor plants requiring lots of direct sunlight.

Angel Halo Three-Ring Grow Lights for Houseplants

If you want to upgrade your indoor garden's light setup, consider this three-ring Angel Halo grow light.

Not only is it designed to be fully versatile, but it is also equipped with features that make it suitable for a wide range of indoor plants. It produces light via three 3M LED bulbs, which produce full-spectrum light at different intensities.

three rings grow lights

What's more, you can tinker with the settings to select a different light color, pattern, or texture.

The best part is that you can customize this three-ring grow light to get the best configuration for your plants. It's a must-have for non-standardized indoor gardens.

Angel AT Version Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

When you need to illuminate multiple plants simultaneously, it's important to buy grow lights that provide enough coverage. The AT version of Angel LED grow lights is the perfect solution.

Angel Halo Plant Light AT Version

It has 50 6W LED bulbs around its runway ring design, which provides even coverage at the edges. What's more, it is designed with flexibility in mind. You can adjust the height to suit your plant's needs (up to 35 cm) and cover a group of plants 25cm wide.

As expected, it is highly energy efficient as well. This, paired with its compact design, ensures that it supplies up to 50,000 hours of light during its lifespan.

Angel Halo Small Fish Tank Lights (QUX)

Thinking of growing hydroponic or aquaponic plants? Well, you'll need some excellent grow lights to make that happen. The Angel Halo fish tank lights are designed exactly for your needs.

It features 30 LEDs inside a ring mounted on a 25cm acrylic bar. This is a very adjustable setup, so you can easily install it however you want. The light is designed to be mounted on your fish tank's opening. It comes with a 10cm cork foundation to keep it stable.

Halo Fish Tank Lamp

It is perfect for all types of underwater vegetation since it can emit warm and cool light. Moreover, it comes with a timer switch, allowing you to create a realistic schedule to keep your plants illuminated.

It's a great choice for plants that need lots of sunlight.

Angel Halo G2 LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

One of the most innovative grow lights out there is the Angel Halo G2. Its uniqueness begins with its built-in plant growth control, which allows it to emit different kinds of light in the right amount to suit different plants.

The small LED ring only has 20 6W LEDs, but it provides adequate lighting for green, leafy plants. Moreover, it can illuminate from a maximum distance of 20cm, making it suitable for plants that grow tall and voluminous.

Light Beam Tabletop Grow Light (QUX)

If you're looking for a light that's small enough for your desk plants, look no further. This tabletop light has everything a desktop plant needs to survive.

It features three adjustable rings mounted on a 25cm acrylic bar. You can modify each ring individually, so the setup is highly flexible. As a result, the LED rings can provide adequate illumination at a distance of 5cm – 35cm. Most growers go for triangle or zigzag configurations to provide maximum coverage.

Light Beam Grow Lights

It comes with a timer that can reduce power consumption, which is still pretty low since all three bulbs only use a combined nine watts.

Big Angel Halo Grow Light

When you want maximum plant coverage, the  is the only choice. It has 49 LEDs in its ring, making it powerful and capable of wide coverage.

Big Halo and Angel Halo Grow Lights

Despite its size, it only consumes five watts and can sustain its performance for 50,000 hours. Furthermore, it provides significantly more coverage than the small Angel Halo – 86 degrees more, to be precise.

The energy-efficient bulb also features a timer switch that controls its LED rings. It is one of the few lights that can accurately replicate light from the sun.