Best Grow Light for Seedlings for 2022

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Robust indoor plants are a result of seedlings provided with enough light. Suffice it to say; the light should be given priority and not just water and minerals. However, lighting can be a conundrum when your plants are grown indoors. You can't just rely on the window lighting alone. While you may be scratching your head on, indoor LED growth lights are the solution. Even so, with the number of brands in the market today, it's hard to figure out the right product. We have rounded up these three seedlings grow lights from QUX for you.

Angel Halo AT QX Plant Growth Lamp Series

With an LED quantity of 50 pcs, Angel Halo AT QX Plant Growth Lamp Series features a USB plug and it tolerates an input current of 1 to 2A. It functions best in temperatures of 40°C, going down to about -15°C. Furthermore, the lighting range is practical at 35cm lengths and 20cm widths. Combined with the zinc and alloy design, Angel Halo AT has a life of 50,000 hours.

Angle Halo Athletic Track version Single Ring Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

It's considered the best grow light for starting seeds as it has two color spectrums, the pinkish and the sunshine glow. The full set comes with three rings of the same cable length. You can get an intense light when all three rings are simultaneously turned on.

Additionally, this Single Ring AT version from Angel Halo promises user-friendliness with its timer switch. You can automatically provide growing lights for seedlings for 8 hours. Then it goes off by itself. The switch is also programmed for 12 hours and 16 hours.

LED Plant Grow Lamp Light with a Timer Switch USB

Using this grow lamp with a timer switch, you can control the environment of your plants in a very precise way. Each of the 49 LED  piece  ring consumes approximately 5 watts. The light   has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, and consumes 200ma at 12v for a grow area that is 35 cm. power output is through uses a typical USB plug. This lamp may be adjusted using the timer plug to correspond to the length of lighting needed by the plant.

Big Halo and Angel Halo Grow Lights

The bundled package is not only energy efficient but it's also built to be tough and last for ages. The package contains  a  six-hundred-millimeter power cord, two  light emitting diode grow light rings, a timing switch, and one acyclic bar for supporting the light ring. The larger ring has a 226-degree illuminating range, compared to 140-degree brightness for the small light  ring.

Earning a reputation as "Angel Halo," these  grow lights live to their astral energy expectation, as they are able to mimic the daylight. Thus, your plants will never have a rough period of adapting to the new setting.

The timer features eight-, twelve-, and sixteen-hour presets to accommodate your changing needs. Its blue-pink LEDs mimic the twilight that seeds need to develop at the proper periods. this guarantees flexibility , you don't have to be around to switch off the lights. You just have to let the timer do its work. And when it time for blossoming you have to switch from the daylike lighting to the blue-pinkish lighting.

Light Herb Garden Height Adjustable QUX LED Grow Light

The QUX designed Light Herb Garden Height Adjustable QUX LED Grow Light to be  user-friendly and energy-efficient. There are three rings for the full package,  which total up in the  consumation of 9 watts. User-friendliness is conceivable through the USB plug which also guarantees flexibility with the trendy smart interfaces that feature USB ports. On  each ring there are 30 LED pieces.  

Light Beam Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

To mimic the  daylight or produce pinkish-blue glow, it needs to input power of 1 or 2a. Ideally, the light should be held 5 to 15 cm away from the plant, though 15 to 35 cm would also suffice. A 250-meter acrylic stand  is also provided for supporting the three rings. Even so, the heads can be positioned in zigzag and triangle arrangements.

Wrapping up

With these three indoor grow lights, you are wrapped to witness robust indoor growth. Remember,  the best grow lights for starting seeds should always be prioritized before getting seedlings from the market. And the next time you are there shopping for grow lights, try out the cutting-edge technology LED light from Anglo Halo Series.