Angel Halo Plant Lights: The Design for Creativity

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In 2017, I was an employee of the Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. Our focus was mainly on product definition of home appliances in the Innovation Design Center. Speaking of which we got feedback on the products through interviews done on domestic and foreign users. Indeed, there was a tendency of families putting a pot or a few pots of plants as decoration on the partition shelves, desks, and TV cabinets in their homes.

Some were succulents, and some were tropical green plants. But the plants stopped growing due to the abuse of raising them in no light.

Moderate-growth Succulents on the Divider

At that time, I already had a certain understanding of the technology and products of grow lights. Many products on the market were large-scale agricultural grow lights, or home grow lights that were made like desk lamps. However, they were difficult to adapt to flexible installation in the home spaces. Still, they couldn't just be matched with the plants for decorative purposes. So, I had to design and invest in the first generation of Angel Halo Grow Lights.

Angel Halo Plant Light

You have probably noticed its halo shape which can be directly inserted into the soil of the pot. Angel Halo also features a multi-head product, which can be combined on a support rod at the same time to improve the illumination.

Angel Halo's Patent

As of the success rate, 200,000 pieces of this hit product has been sold all over the world. The product concept has changed the industry to a home-based. And apart from making this easy to install Angel Halo light, we are also constantly making improvements and innovations around plant light products to build our QUX brand. You may use plants to decorate life, but you need Angel Halo to decorate your plants.