Angel Halo Grow Light Series Make Your Indoor Houseplants Thrive

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Most indoor gardeners are now realizing  that growing plants in home environment is not easy. With the lack of light, even if your plants survive, they may get thin and sluggish. And, this is the reason why  plant lights were created for home spaces. Grow lights are not only a supplementary light tool but can also serve as decorations when properly matched with plants.

Big Halo and Angel Halo Grow Lights

Following the explosion of the first generation of Angel Halo Plant Light, we have launched a series of Angel Halo products. What we have been aiming at, is the  suitability to different plants and plant arrangements. We have also designed the Big Angel Halo Plant Light for larger plants.

On the other hand, our Light Beam Plant Growth Light works with series of  potted plants. Yet these lights have the same structural features as the first generation of Angel Halo. The lamp head is still supported by acrylic rods, allowing users to "light" the plants more freely. So, it's the acrylic rod  to connect multiple angel-halo light heads. The same still may be arranged to match the layout of the growth of plants.

Light Beam Grow Lights

Further, there's the  double the irradiation effect, achieved  by just  increasing the number of angel-halo lamp heads. This simple structure is a small innovation in the Angel Halo series, cherished by most of our customers.

The new Angel Halo plant light series has sunshine yellow and pinkish white full spectrum lights. As for the  LED grow lights, you get full spectrum or a specific band light. Considering the home environment, we did not use the red and blue spectrum commonly used in the past for Angel Halo. Instead, we chose these two full-spectrum natural light colors.

The  sunshine yellow is suitable for most green plants thanks to its flower-promoting effect. On the other hand, the pinkish white is suitable for succulents and carnivorous plants in need of light coloring. They can become more pinkish and beautiful through a certain period of exposure under the light and temperature differences. And more benefits include your plants being coated with a beautiful pinkish color. Choosing specific colors of light for Angel Halo plant light is also essential to make the plants look more beautiful.