Single ring G2 with Timer Switch USB Small size LED Plant growth lamp Light for indoor plants from QX Factory wholesale

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QUX’s Angel Halo G2 Grow Lamp is composed of zinc alloy and aluminum in a compact design, with PC used for the rest of the components. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, it scored at 1.5 dollars annually. Even though it just consists of one ring, it is most effective for succulents, seedlings, insectivorous plants, etc.

The ring has 30 light-emitting LEDs that need 3 watts each. The illuminating range is approximately 25 cm in a circle. This small grow light works well under the temperature from -15°C to 40°C. The grow lamp needs to be powered between 1-2 A and is expected to last 50,000 hours.

The entire set comes with a USB connector, an LED ring, a cork base for pot anchoring, and an acrylic bar. Hence, it’s easy and fast to install. Given that different plants require various lengths of light, Angel Halo designed the G2 single ring with a timer switch located in the center of the 1200mm USB power line.

The timer may be set to either 8 or 12 hours of illumination. The Angle Halo G2 single-ring full spectrum light is ideal to for indoor plants and is made to resemble the sun. Wait no more to shop now!

 Product Type
Angel Halo G2 Single Ring Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 
Aluminum Alloy & Zinc Alloy & PC
LED Quantity
20 pcs
Input Current
Working Temperature
Life Time
50000 hours
Lighting Range
φ25cm in circle
Suitable Distance From Lamp to Plant