Light Beam 10inch/25cm LED Mini Housetable Plant Light 1 Head with Tray

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Product Description

The Light Beam Tray Grow light is specially designed for tabletop plants. It can solve the problem of plants lacking light on countertops such as cabinets and desks. It provides a full spectrum enhanced light source of 660nm and 440nm. The mini plant light can meet the growth and lighting needs of common indoor plants such as spice plants and tropical plants. The design of the tray can perfectly solve the problem of the flowerpot overflowing onto the desktop during watering. It also has three common functions for plant lights: dimming, 8/12/16h timing, and lamp head switching and lighting, which meet the diverse usage needs of users. The Light Beam tray version of the plant lamp provides 3 variants (1/2/3 heads )simultaneously. Three versions can be selected according to the light needs of the plants. In addition, the lamp holder can also be used alone without a tray, as long as the acrylic rod is inserted into the pot soil.

Product   Name Light Beam   Plant Grow Light Tray Version
Material Aluminum   Alloy & PP
Plug USB
LED Quantity 30   PCS Per Head
Power 3w   Per Head
Input Current 1-2a
Working Temperature -15-40°C
Life Time 50000   hours
Lighting Range 15*30cm   Per Head
Suitable Distance From Lamp to Plant 5-15cm