5.3inch/13.5m diameter Angel Halo Plant Grow Light with Timer

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  • Angel Halo Plant Grow Light

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Product Description

⭐️ Size :5.31 inches /13.5 cm diameter halo shaped plant growth lamp, suitable for indoor potted green plants, full spectrum of simulated sunlight, give your plants like the natural soft light, promote plant photosynthesis, let plants grow healthier, more lush.

⭐️ Easy to install: no tools, two-step installation, and two ways to use. 1. First connect the lamp to the metal support rod, and then the support rod can be fixed by directly inserting the pot/soil. 2. A 2nm/0.08inch thin metal base can be attached to connect the support rod to the base and place on the ground.

⭐️ Automatic timing switch: The lamp has its own timer, with three modes of cycle timing function, can set the daily continuous irradiation time, 8 hours /12 hours /16 hours three modes to choose, also can choose manual switch. When you turn on the light for eight hours, it will stay on for eight hours and then go off. After 24 hours, the lights will remain on for eight hours before going off again.

⭐️ Adjustable height &157inch/4m Line length: The lamp height can be adjusted up and down through the telescopic support rod. The height adjustment range is 16-59 inches /40-150cm. 157inch/4m wire length for a wide range of applications.

⭐️10 level dimmer: 10 brightness adjustment modes

 Product Type
Angle Halo Plant Grow Light
Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
LED Quantity
49 pcs
10 watts
Input Current
Working Temperature
Life Time
5000 hours
Lighting Range
φ20cm in circle
Suitable Distance From Lamp to Plant
5-10 cm