2022 Reviews and Guide: Best Grow Lights for Succulents

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Normally, a succulent will have a rough time thriving indoors. Succulents need much light, an attribute of desert life, and the south-facing window cannot get the job done. You need a grow light. But even a poor-quality grow light won't do you any good. It might be an ordeal if you haven't purchased grow lights before. Nonetheless, in this post, we will discuss the things to consider when buying a grow light, the best grow lights, and where to buy one.

What should you consider when buying a grow light?


The visible light spectrum for photosynthesis is within the range of 400 to 700 nanometers. When getting a grow light, there are blue spectrums between 400 to 490 nanometers for vegetative growth and red from 590 to 700nm for flowering. Full-spectrum will have all these ranges so that you can tailor them to your plant's needs.

Light Output

You must consider a higher lumen rating if your plants need more light. But succulents normally require 2300 to 9300.

Energy consumption and efficiency

Grow lights with a higher number of lumens are efficient, but they will use more energy to provide intense light.

The choice of  LED grow lights

There are sodium pressure, metal halide, LED, and fluorescent lights. But for indoor plants, LED and fluorescent is the ones used. Fluorescent lights may come cheaply, but the con is that they burn out quickly, unlike LED. On the other hand, LEDs efficiently run at hotter temperatures.

Choosing a grow light

Now that you have some basic knowledge, all that remains is to figure out the lighting your plant needs. So, consider this:

The application of light

You may want to supplement other indoor succulents with grow lights. So, the light needed won't be as much as starting a first-time installation.

Your budget

Grow lights differ in price, and if you need a basic light, it will cost you $50- $100. However, grow lights made with cutting-edge tech will cost you more.

Available  space

Grow lights are designed to fit on tables or in normal light bulb holders. You wouldn't want to pick something that won't fit in your space.

Where should you buy your succulent grow light?

Some of the best grow lights for succulents used to be purchased from online retailers such as amazon. But recently, the competition got balanced with the advent of the Angel Halo. This brand is not just about convenient shopping, but high-end cheap succulent grows light. Their products include:

Timer Switch USB LED Plant Grow Lamp Light

This product is suited for medium-sized indoor succulents. Its LED quantity is 49 pieces on every ring, which consumes 5 watts. The input current is within 1-2A with a working temperature of -15℃-40℃. While the estimated life is 50000 hours, its lighting range isφ35cm. And for convenience, it comes with a USB plug.

Big Halo and Angel Halo Grow Lights

The full package comes with two rings, each fitted with a 600mm USB cable, acrylic bar, and timer switch. The smaller ring has a combined lighting range of  φ140 while the larger ring has  φ226. The timer works with eight-hour, twelve-hour, and 16-hour ranges depending on the succulent's needs.

Further, Angel Halo designed the timer switch USB LED Plant to grow lamp Light to simulate the sun. Yet it can also emit a Blue-pinkish glow necessary for flowering.

Light Herb Garden Height Adjustable QUX LED grow light

The adjustable QUX is a full spectrum grow light that's easy to install and energy-efficient. It comes with three heads which consume 9 watts in total. Each head has 30 pieces of LED, and the functionality gets better with a USB plug. While mimicking the sun and emitting a pink, whitish glow, it takes an input current of 1-2A for its entire 50,000 hours of life.

Lastly, it has a lighting range of 15*35cm per head and is best when placed 5–15 cm from the succulent plant. Along with a 250m acrylic bar, this sunshine yellow succulent grow light has 30 LED beads on each head. The heads can be customized into triangle shapes or zig-zags.

QUX Lights for Herb Garden

Wrapping up

So that's all about choosing succulent grow lights. Remember, the choice of the light hinges on your budget and plant needs. And while in the market, pay attention to the details discussed above to avoid landing on a bad product.